SupportConnect - Software Delivery 3.0 Release Notes
Delivery Notes for Unicenter Desktop Edition - Software Delivery
Version 3.0. Date: April 03 2001.

Validation of IP-address fails
During installing of the Admin Console on a Windows95 machine the validation of the entered IP-address may fail. This is due to a bug in the Windows Sockets in Windows95.

Shutting down NT on ShipIT Servers
Important! You must issue the SDPGM STOP command before shutting down Windows NT to ensure an orderly shutdown of ShipIT and consequently your Windows NT system. Otherwise log entries will be generated and e.g. ongoing jobs or distributions might go into error or be discarded.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05
The Acrobat reader is included in this CD for your convenience. You can install the Acrobat Reader by running the Rs405eng.exe self-extracting installation program located in the DOC directory on the CD.

Accessing Online Help Systems
Some systems may issue the following error message after clicking on a help icon/shortcut for the Unicenter TNG Books Online: "This file is not a Windows Help file.", followed by "A newer version of Help is needed to read this Help file."

This is due to the Associations in Windows NT. You must associate .HLP files with WINHLP32.EXE; some systems default the .HLP files to associate to WINHELP.EXE, which does not support the 32 bit help files provided.

If you get this error message, you can take the following steps to correct it:

1: Execute WINFILE.EXE (File Manager)
2: Click on menu items: File--Associate
3: Type "HLP" in the "Files with Extension" dropdown
4: Select "Help File (Winhlp32.Exe)" from the "Associate With" listbox
5: Click OK

Installing SD with a non-ENU version of TNG
If you install SD with a non-ENU version of TNG, then the default TNGREMOV.EXE, that will be launched when uninstalling TNG, will load the ENU version of the uninstall Wizard. To resolve this, make sure you execute the \ca_appsw\tngremov.exe (which will be the local version)

Setting up SD Login Scripts Post-install
Execute the command SDSETUP with the parameters P1,P2,P3,LOGINSCR from a command prompt to set up login scripts, on this domain, with the name autoinst.bat, for those users that currently do not use login scripts (the SD Agent will be automatically installed on these computers when the user logs on next time). The command can be executed on a Windows NT Local Server or Staging Server. Example: SDSETUP P1,P2,P3,LOGINSCR

Note1: The command can be executed at any time to set up login scripts for new users (since the last execution). In the case, when a login script is already set for some users, when you execute the command, you can edit the login script in use to append a call to autoinst.bat from the login script. In that way both login scripts will be used, the current and autoinst. The file autoinst.bat will be found in \ShipIT\SD\ASM\CONF (if default settings were kept). The file is copied to the %WinDir%\System32\Repl\Import\Scripts directory on the Local, or Staging, Server.

Note2: In order for a computer to use the automatic installation via login scripts, it must have Windows 9x or Windows NT as operating system. Furthermore, the directories agent.nt and agent.w95 must be present in the Autoinst directory, under Library.23. In the loginscr.ini file in the Autoinst directory, there must be a 1 for the Windows NT= and Windows 9x= entries.

Note3: in order to execute the command, the user, or process, must have the right to change login scripts.

Please refer to the installation documentation for further information on Login Scripts (e.g. copying of autoinst.bat to the domain controller(s).

Uninstalling ShipIT
If the sdctrl command has been used for e.g. traces, please close the window where it was run, before uninstalling ShipIT. Otherwise some files may be left in the bin directory.

Note regarding possible Online Books Inconsistencies
Inconsistencies can appear when ShipIT Books online have been installed, since .hlp files belonging to a Unicenter TNG installation are referred to from the contents files supplied with ShipIT. Since the contents file covers all of Unicenter TNG, references may be made to Unicenter TNG topics that are not part of the installed Unicenter TNG Books online. This should be seen as a reminder that there exists a later version of Unicenter TNG.

Note regarding Online Books Inconsistencies due to Outdated .gid Files
When online help files (.hlp) are accessed, .gid files are created. Inconsistencies can appear when trying to open a help file. The help system will look for a related .gid and may find an old one with outdated reference information. Hence, if you get a message stating for instance "Unable to open the file F:\enu\books\Tngmesg.cnt", try to locate all related .gid files on your hard disks and delete them before opening the help file again.

Note regarding Online Books Inconsistencies due to Outdated .gid Files
When online help files (.hlp) are accessed, .gid files are created. Inconsistencies can appear when trying to open a help file. The help system will look for a related .gid and may find an old one with outdated reference information. Hence, if you get a message stating for instance "Unable to open the file F:\SoftwareDelivery\enu\books\Tngmesg.cnt", try to locate all related .gid files on your hard disks and delete them before opening the help file again.

System drive letter parameter for unattended Agent install
In order to install the Agent on the same drive as the system, the following parameter could be set in the TEMPLATE.CNF file to overide the drive letter specified in the CASD.RSP file on the Agent install image.

UseSystemDrive = 1

Specific IP address in multi-homed Windows NT and UNIX Agent systems
Typically the Agent is automatically provided an address by the network system, but certain situations may require the Agent to use a specific IP address when connecting to the Manager, especially in multi-homed systems. Specifying the address can be done in two ways on NT, only the manual approach is possible for Unix. The two ways are,

Automatic SD Agent install
SDSweep contains a commandline-switch, <-bi:> which can be used when deploying SD Agents. This optional switch will bind the Agent to the IP address SDSweep used to address the node. Issuing SDSweep would look like SDSweep -a1: -bi: -mp:1 -ma:1

This command installs the primer which in turn installs the SD Agent. The Agent will bind itself to when connecting the SD Server.

Manual SD Agent install
Manual Agent install needs an additional postsetup step. The agent's TNGSD\SD\ASM\CONF\asm.cnf file specifies the desired IP address in the following section

BindIP =

Windows 9x to Windows 2000 OS upgrade
The following is a recommended procedure when planning a Win9x system to Windows 2000 upgrade. It is assumed the SD Win9x Agents are upgraded to version 3.0.

1. Register the "Register Win9x SD Agent for Windows 2000 migration" software item package. This item is the enu\migrate.w95 on the product CD. Just drag it into the SD Libray.
2. Deliver the migration package to the Win9x targets aimed for the OS upgrade
3. Upgrade the target OS to Windows 2000
4. Recommended: deliver the SD WinNT Agent to the upgraded Windows 2000 targets. The SD WinNT Agent takes full advantage of the new OS platform.

ShipIT Security
When mapping Windows NT/2K Security Groups only Global Domain Groups and Local Computer Groups are available. Local Domain Groups cannot be used. This limitation also applies to the ShipIT Query Source (plugin) "NTGroup".

Desktop Management Script Editor and AutoScriptGenerator
The AutoScriptGenerator of ShipIT 2.0.1 or older generates scripts containing two syntax errors. The first one is a duplicate user function declaration for the function "CopyTheTree()" and the second one is about masked quotes (\") . The dmscript interpreter has been changed in the way, that it accepts both syntax errors, but launches warnings about theses items. In case of a duplicate function, only the first declaration is accepted. Subsequent declarations for the same function are ignored. In case of masked quotes, simple quotes (") are assumed. Furthermore there was a conflict between the flags generated by the AutoScriptGenerator and the new flags of dmscript. The new flags of dmscript have been renamed to avoid the conflict. The solution is available with dmscript version 6.00.00B.

Unicenter TNG 2.4 / Unicenter TNG Framework 2.4
In order to function, the ShipIT OS-Image Prepare System and Boot Manager extension requires the Managed PC component supplied with Unicenter TNG 2.4 / Unicenter TNG Framework 2.4.

Installation/Uninstallation of SM-Installer
The very first time the SD Agent is installed on a Windows system a directory structure for the SM Installer is created. In this directory structure, the SM Installer has housekeeping information about installed and uninstalled products. Removing these directories will permanently destroy all information about managed SXP packages. Therefore, this structure is not removed when uninstalling the SD Agent. This structure cannot be moved after initial installation. However all binaries like EXEs and DLLs of the SM Installer are removed. An update of the SD Agent software will automatically reuse the already existing directory structure when copying the new SM Installer binaries.

Uninstallation of LogonShield
When the SD Agent for Windows NT is removed, the file sxpgina.dll must be left in the directory %systemroot%\system32 for safety reasons.

Windows Agents can install SM products from an additional path
Under this path a Sd library with the required products has to be available. You can create the image on the local server with the "Export / library image" function of the Software library.

To activate the Agent it needs an additional entry in its asm.cnf.

Libpath = e:\ or \\servername\share\lib.

MSI Patches
MSI Patches can be created by the use of added procedure with files. Please refer to the GUI on-line help for detailed information.

Optimizing the Creation of Compressed Job Files
In previous version of ShipIT, only the [Asminst]NOSLessAttached flag controlled the creation of compressed files in the activate area. This has been enhanced with a additional flag [Asminst]NOSLessOnTheFly. If NOSLessAttached = No and NOSLessOnTheFly = 1 the compressed file will only be created when really needed. Please refer to the Reference guide.

Enabling checking of template policies
If the flag [LocalServer]CheckTemplatePolicies is set to 1, every job being setup will fail in the evaluation step of the job container if the target also is a member of a tamplate group that has assigned contradicting jobs. E.g. Template X has a job assigned that uninstalls an application. If a job is being setup to install the same application it will fail for all the targets belonging to Template X. Please refer to the Reference guide.

Notes on MS Internet Explorer 5
Using Internet Explorer 5 version prior to 5.01 Service Pack 1 may cause memory leaks in the Admin Console. Make sure you are using version 5.01 Service Pack 1 or later. This applies to Windows NT v4.0, Windows 95 and Windows 98. Windows 2000 already has a fix for this problem.

Notes on Ingres II
Installing Software Delivery with Ingres database:

When installing ShipIT you need to be logged on to an account with Ingres DBA rights as well as a Windows NT/2000 administrator.

To create DBA rights for an account if NOT already created by TNG:
1. Logg on to the Ingres account.
2. Run "accessdb" (without quotes) in a command prompt console or "Start -> Run...".
3. Press "shift+F3-users".
4. Press "SHIFT+F1-create".
5. Type the name of the account you want to grant the DBA privileges to.
6. Press "shift+F4-privileges" and mark all status optons with "y".
7. Press "F10-end", press "F3-save".
8. Validate by pressing "y" and "return".

Installing ShipIT when the Database resides on another Computer
If you are to install a ShipIT server and you have the ShipIT database (the MS SQL Server) on another computer than the one where the Enterprise Server, Local Server, or Workgroup Server, is running, you first need to install the MS SQL Client on such ShipIT server computers. Choose the install options "ISQL/w" and "Configuration Diagnostics" (at least). Reboot after the installation. Then start the ShipIT server installation.

Reporting when SQL Server is used as SD database and Ingres as TNGFW database
1. In the report explorer, highlight the Software Delivery folder.
2. Click the "reload database" button and in the "SD report generator" click the "DSN" button.
3. Choose the "machine data source" tab and click "new".
4. Select "system data source" if you want everyone using the computer to be able to access the datasource, else "user data source". Click "next".
5. Select Ingres. Click "next" and "finish".
6. In the Ingres configuration (Administrator) window, enter these values
Data Source" = SD_TNGDB (or any name you choose).
"Vnode" = (LOCAL).
"Database" = TNGDB.
Uncheck the option "Prompt User ID and Password To Override VNODE Login".
7. Close the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" by clicking "OK".
8. Close the "Select datasource" window by clicking "OK".
9. Click the "start" button.

More information can be found in the SD Administrator Guide, TNG Reporting section in the chapter on Integration with Unicenter TNG Framework.

Boot Extention
During the first installation of a Win 98 SE OS-image on a ManagedPC the Win98 SE setup asks in a dialog box for a floppy. “System Error – Windows cannot read from drive A” The client system installation hangs until a user chooses abort.