SupportConnect - Important Security Notice for CA Unicenter WSDM (File System Read Access Vulnerability)

Important Security Notice for
CA Unicenter WSDM (File System Read Access Vulnerability)

Dated: October 02, 2006

CA's Technical Support is alerting customers to a security risk associated with the Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) software component. Oliver Karow ( and Richard Sammet (, Symantec Security Consultants, have detected a remotely exploitable problem and reported the vulnerability to CA. We have been working with them to understand the nature of the problem completely.

CA has confirmed the presence of this vulnerability and has completed development of updates that provide complete protection against the issue. Upon completion of quality assurance testing, the updates were released and made available to CA customers.

The vulnerability involves use of a known vulnerable version (4.2.19) of the jetty java webserver. An advisory regarding the vulnerability resides at: This vulnerability can be used to gain full read access on the install partitions file system of the Unicenter WSDM host system through a directory traversal attack [e.g.]. The vulnerability issue affects version 3.1 of the WSDM product.

Customers with version 3.1 of the Unicenter WSDM product should upgrade to the current version of WSDM (3.11 or later) by accessing CA's SupportConnect website,

Affected products:

Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management 3.1

Affected platforms:

RedHat Linux, Solaris, SuSE Linux, and Windows

Prerequisite conditions for the vulnerability to be exploitable:


Determining the version of WSDM:

The WSDM version in use can be determined by accessing the downloaded package name. Search for files named to verify use of the vulnerable software.

Should you require additional information, please contact CA Technical Support at