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Last Updated: October 281, 2003

General Information
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AutoSys Adapter License Keys
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General Information

AutoSys has a License Manager, which needs to be updated in order to allow newly installed machines to use AutoSys. For temporary licenses (i.e., software evaluations) only a Time Key is needed. For permanent licenses there are three types of keys that are required, Time, Server and Client.

All License keys for AutoSys: (Server, Remote Agents (Clients), Expert, Adapters and JobVision) can be obtained by contacting Computer Associates’ Total License Care (TLC) department at 1-800-338-6720 (choose option 5).

To obtain a permanent key from TLC, for AutoSys or any of its options listed above you need to have a permanent license (i.e., you must have purchased the full product). If you need to purchase a permanent license (or additional licenses) for AutoSys, please contact your Computer Associates Sales Representative.

If you have purchased AutoSys and are now about to contact TLC to obtain your permanent keys, please be prepared to give the TLC representative, the host name, host ID and the Instance of the machine that you are licensing. If you any questions about Autosys license keys you can refer to the following FAQ’s, the AutoSys Installation and Getting Started Guide or call TLC.

AutoSys Adapter License Keys

To run an AutoSys Adapter you must install a valid license key on every machine on which you want to run the adapter. Each AutoSys instance on which you want to run the adapter requires a separate license key; this key can be installed on all machines using that instance of AutoSys. If you require a license key for an AutoSys Adapter please contact Computer Associates’ TLC department (1-800-338-6720, option 5) and be prepared to provide the following information: -Host name and IP address of the machine on which the Event Processor is running. -The Instance name ($AUTOSERV) of the Event Processor (for example, ACE). TLC will give you a permanent license key based on this information provided that you have purchased the software and are licensed to run it. If you are installing a temporary license key for software evaluation for some other purpose, you do not need to provide a host name or an AutoSys instance. The Temporary key can be used on any machine up until the expiration date.

ALP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does CA licensing sometimes install into the /opt/CA folder now and not the /ca_lic folder as it always has?
  1. For all Unix and Linux systems, lic98 v1.51 and lower install into the /ca_lic directory. Also created by the installation is a link to the library in /usr/local/CAlib. All applications reference this link (/usr/local/Calib/ -> /ca_lic/ to find the lic98 library at runtime.

    Because of recently changed installation standards, licensing no longer installs to the root directory on Unix systems. Starting with version 1.52, licensing installs into the /opt/CA/ca_lic directory. Also created by the installation is a link to the in /opt/CA/CAlib. All applications reference this link (/opt/CA/CAlib/ -> /opt/CA/ca_lic/ to find the lic98 library at runtime. For backward compatibility the /ca_lic directory is now a link to /opt/Ca/ca_lic (/ca_lic -> /opt/CA/ca_lic).

  1. Why does CA licensing sometimes install into the Program Files folder now and not C:\CA_LIC as it always has?
  1. The latest CA licensing installation conforms to the CA installation standard by installing in the C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC folder if no previous C:\CA_LIC licensing folder is found on a machine. If, however, a C:\CA_LIC folder is found on the machine, the new licensing will continue installing into that folder. Licensing packages that follow the installation standard are versions 1.52 and higher.

    The following issue may occur when downgrading licensing:
    If a 1.52 or higher version of licensing is installed on a machine with no previous licensing installed on it, then an earlier version of licensing is installed (downgrade of licensing), the earlier version will automatically install into the C:\CA_LIC folder. Thus creating two CA_LIC folders (C:CA_LIC and C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC ). To fix the problem, simply install the latest posted version of licensing from the TLC support site. This will "merge" the two folders into C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC. Over time, C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC will become the folder where licensing is managed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What information will I need to provide TLC with to obtain a permanent key for JobVision ?
  1. To generate a permanent key for JobVision, TLC will need the host name of the client machine that you are installing JobVision on.
  1. What are AutoSys license keys based on?
  1. Permanent License Keys are based on the Host Name and Host ID of the machine on which AutoSys will run, as well as the three letter AutoSys-instance name.
  1. How do I obtain the necessary host name and ID?
  1. If AutoSys is installed, run an autoflags –a command from an AutoSys command line. This command will give a string of information including the host name and the host ID. The second to last value in the string of information will be the host ID. The last value is the host name. If you wish to install AutoSys on a UNIX machine but AutoSys is not yet installed run a uname –a, hostname, or hostid command from a UNIX command line.
  1. Does it matter if the host information is in upper or lower case?
  1. Autosys is CASE SPECIFIC. If a key is generated in the wrong case, it will not work correctly. Please provide TLC with the correct case of your host name and host ID. The output of the autoflags –a command mentioned above gives the correct case.
  1. What is the case of the Autosys output?
  1. Autosys license keys are always all capital and must be entered into the gatekeeper as such.
  1. Can keys be moved from one machine to another?
  1. Permanent keys are machine specific. If the Host Name or the Host ID of a machine changes, a new Autosys license will have to be generated. If you change the Host Name or Host ID of a machine currently running AutoSys, or if you wish to move you permanent AutoSys license to a new machine, please contact TLC.
  1. Where are the Autosys keys installed?
  1. All of the license keys need to be entered into the "gatekeeper" for each instance of AutoSys.
  1. How do temporary / evaluation keys work?
  1. Evaluation keys can be run on any machine in any configuration. They are not machine specific. You are able to test any function of Autosys using a temporary or evaluation key. The Gatekeeper acknowledges temporary time keys over permanent licenses.
  1. How are server and client keys different?
  1. Server licenses do not include client licenses. Client licenses allow you to do anything job related. If the server is not licensed as a client you can not monitor, schedule, or run jobs on it. If you wish to do anything that is job related on the server, you will need a client license. If you are attempting to do so without a client license you will get the message "there is NOT a key for this host".
  1. What do I do when I install a time key?
  1. When installing new keys, it is necessary to stop and restart the event processor so the keys will be recognized.
  1. What is the Instance?
  1. The $AUTOSERV or Instance is specific to AutoSys. The Autoserv lets the server know it holds the event processor and database. The instance name is always 3 uppers case characters and the default name is "ACE".