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TEC462052 When installing Easytrieve option under Common Services, is an LMP key required? 04/24/08
TEC449925 How to right-justify an alphanumeric field? 04/07/08
TEC449870 Authorization needed for accessing an Oracle database 04/06/08
TEC449869 Specify VIRTUAL for the sort files: virtual files are NOT to be redirected. 04/06/08
TEC449867 Error 7317 Computer Associates Licensing -2EZT- 04/06/08
TEC449866 Eztcom: "Can't find file" error messages 04/06/08
TEC449865 Receive error log for abnormally terminated program. 04/06/08
TEC449864 Error: EZABX000 An error has occurred in program when calling dynamically a Microfocus Cobol subpgm from the Easytrieve pgm. 04/06/08
TEC449634 Linklist EZT r11 production library before Common Services library 04/03/08
TEC449452 How do I change options in the Easytrieve R11 options table. 04/01/08
TEC449451 How do I create a second options table? 04/01/08
TEC449450 When reading tape datasets and using system determined block size performance declines. How can performance be improved? 04/01/08
TEC449449 A003 INSUFFICIENT CORE STORAGE when running with large table. 04/01/08
TEC449448 Why does the CA90S Common Services CAILIB contain Easytrieve modules? 04/01/08
TEC449447 It appears that the Eztool kit and PanAudit Plus products share macros. Are they equivalent? 04/01/08
TEC449445 How to get leading zero in SYSTIME 04/01/08
TEC449444 EZT program with synchronized file processing is now getting this error: EZIOE002 Error opening file VDUMMY. Virtual file was not previously created. 04/01/08
TEC449443 Which keywords/reserve words are now active under release 11.0? 04/01/08
TEC449442 Where are the EZTC* error messages documented? 04/01/08
TEC449441 Missing $A00311 $A10311 I600311 after receiving and applying apars 04/01/08
TEC449383 How to resolve CAS9013A PRODUCT 7E MESSAGE 03/31/08
TEC449382 Programs compiled under 6.4 and run under r11 now get a blank for SYSDATE instead of leading zero for the first byte of SYSDATE. 03/31/08
TEC449380 How to get attached test apar from Support Online 03/31/08
TEC449369 Does MAC#DDN specifiy the number of PDS libraries to be searched? 03/31/08
TEC449368 When MACTYPE is set to D for PDS, what value should be set for MACMOD? 03/31/08
TEC449367 How to search multiple PDS (macro) libraries using the PANDD statement 03/31/08
TEC449365 Variable block initialization under r11 is the same as under release 6.4. 03/31/08
TEC448932 Which requested parameters help debug a program 03/25/08
TEC447725 Why am I getting error message S0C7 data exception when comparing a field that is defined zoned numeric with a field that contains spaces? This error did not occur in the previous version 6.4. 03/11/08
TEC447722 How do I add a record to a existing VSAM RRDS file? 03/11/08
TEC447714 How do I package a program and required files? 03/11/08
TEC447679 How do I increase the value for the MAXCUR parameter in the PANSQL product? 03/10/08
TEC447645 Support for Files larger than 2 gig bytes 03/10/08
TEC447641 Which cailibs are needed when executing an already compiled and linked program? 03/10/08
TEC447280 What does the Easytrieve compiler error message EZTC0013S >>> $ EZSQLFUN03 internal error indicate? How is it resolved? 03/04/08
TEC447258 How do I increase the value for the MAXCUR parameter in the PANSQL product? 03/03/08
TEC446723 What are the common causes of -818 Timestamp errors when running an Easytrieve DB2 program? 02/22/08
TEC446722 How do I list the option table in R11? 02/22/08
TEC446670 Is EZ/KEY shipped as part of an Easytrieve Plus order, or is it an option? How do I identify modules for the EZ/Key product? 02/21/08
TEC446669 How do I know if the SQL interface is installed? 02/21/08
TEC438362 Why the CAILIB for EZT release 11 is required to be a PDS/E library instead of PDS 02/21/08
TEC409315 APARS for Pan/SQL 2.4C which are needed for DB2 9.0 02/15/08
TEC445553 How to get a SYSMDUMP and temporarily turn off ABENDAID, Eye-Spy, CA-Optimizer, CA-Symdump, Fault Analyzer, Dumpmaster, Softworks Performance Essential. 02/06/08
TEC443005 Why does installation job JOB11SUA create a program object under r11 instead of a load module as under release 6.4? 12/27/07
TEC442057 How do I set up Easytrieve for Windows to access the Mainframe? 12/11/07
TEC442044 When is CAISRC library used? 12/11/07
TEC441959 How to edit fields in an output file to include a physical (not implied) decimal point. 12/10/07
TEC441837 Example of SQL code to set a working storage field to CURRENT TIMESTAMP 12/07/07
TEC440707 Does Easytrieve for windows support binary data? 11/21/07
TEC438361 Are there any considerations when running in a LE environment and calling subroutines/programs. 11/14/07
TEC436628 How to run 6.4 load modules under r11's compatibility runtime library when ALL31=OFF was set release 6.4 without recompiling the programs. 10/23/07
TEC436627 When to execute EZT, EZTCOM, EZTPA00 under EZT r11 SP01 10/23/07
TEC436626 Is EZT r11 documentation available in Book Manager format? 10/23/07
TEC433772 How to confirm which apars have been applied by getting list of sysmods 09/17/07
TEC433771 After upgrading to R11,getting error message: Easytrieve Compiler system I/O error 15 (SYSLIN file not found) Do I need to change my JCL to include a SYSLIN statement when executing EZT? 09/17/07
TEC433761 With R11, encountering this error message: EZIOE002 Error opening file xxx. File type incompatable with the dataset organization. 09/17/07
TEC430821 What is the maximum block size for input and output files for release 11.0 08/03/07
TEC430035 When running the JOBMODEF job for a maintenance install of EZT r11 SP01 or running JOB01ALC for a r11 full install, what should be specified for the LNKLIB2 and LNKLIB3 datasets if I do not use Oracle or COBOL2 07/26/07
TEC428333 B204 SQL - DB2 SUBSYSTEM "DSN" DOES NOT EXIST error 07/02/07
TEC428332 Upgrading to DB2 V8. Should the DB2REL parameter be changed? 07/02/07
TEC428331 Eyecatchers for -302 apars: QO75595 and QO35375 07/02/07
TEC426331 What is Needed to Compile a Program on the PC to be Run on the Server? 06/07/07
TEC426321 How to determine the release and genlevel of Easytrieve Toolkit 06/07/07
TEC426276 LE/370 options under Easytrieve Plus 06/07/07
TEC424391 How do I setup PANSQL to access DB2 data on AIX? 05/14/07
TEC423567 Are SQL commands CONNECT and DISCONNECT valid within Easytrieve for Unix? 05/01/07
TEC423213 When installing PanSQL for DB2, why do the TSO Batch and CICS pieces of the product have to be installed into separate distribution and target zones? 04/25/07
TEC420908 How do I find out what release of PAN/SQL I am running? 03/28/07
TEC420704 IEW2457E 9208 Symbol Unresolved messages for ETRSFINI and ETRSINIT occurs when a SYSLIB DD statement is not specified when executing EZTCOM 03/26/07
TEC420367 SOC4 abend in the EZTGO or EZTCOM modules 03/21/07
TEC416544 Can Unicenter CA-Easytrieve r11 be executed without the EZOPTBL DD for the options table? 02/04/07
TEC416523 How is QO72665 related to the Z9 technology? Why is it required? 02/01/07
TEC416351 How to Use a Report Workfile 01/31/07
TEC416350 When installing r11, what should be specified in the JCL for the OLDOPT DD statement for the JOB06EOP job? 01/31/07
TEC416349 Do not install CA-Common Service component Easytrieve (FMID CEZ6400) if you already have the CA-Easytrieve full product installed. 01/31/07
TEC411887 After applying QO75595, the IJ3STGE1 job fails at step ASMCMDP, with errors such as :- ** ASMA034E Operand CMDGR002 beyond active USING range by 8 bytes ** ASMA034E Operand CMDGR003 beyond active USING range by 16 bytes Why is this? 11/27/06
TEC409313 We just upgraded our processor to a z/9 so why are some of our Easytrieve Plus programs abending with a S0C4 in EZTPA22 during a compile OR getting a B027 error 10/19/06
FAQ403988 How EZT+ read a VSAM file using only a partial key 08/23/06
TEC403623 "0C4 Storage Exception" vs. "B055 Invalid Length" ...The controversy continues 08/14/06
FAQ381459 Why am I getting S0C1/S0C4 or S806 abends calling Cobol subroutines from Easytrieve Plus? 10/21/05
FAQ381450 Is there a recommended default link option for CA-Easytrieve PLUS programs? 10/21/05
TEC355962 Producing XML Output with Unicenter CA-Easytrieve - Part 2 06/29/05
TEC345891 Producing XML Output with Advantage CA-Easytrieve - Part 1 06/29/05
TEC366727 Unicenter CA-Easytrieve Report Generator for Windows - A Closer Look 05/19/05
TEC276728 CA-Easytrieve Plus 6.4 Migration Issues 07/16/04
TEC323586 Migrating From an IBM Mainframe to a UNIX Box with Advantage CA-Easytrieve 04/28/04
FAQ323507 I'd like to determine the Advantage CA-IDMS DBKEY and PAGE-INFO without using additional CPU time by doing an ACCEPT or a FIND/OBTAIN. Is this possible? 04/27/04
FAQ321393 I am upgrading to Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus 6.4 and was wondering if I need to recompile our programs? 04/02/04
TEC321183 CA-Easytrieve Plus 6.0C (and earlier) to 6.4 Migration Issues with CALL or FILE EXIT statement 03/31/04
TEC321182 CA-Easytrieve Plus 5.3 (and earlier) to 6.4 Migration Issues with SQL 03/31/04
FAQ317449 How long will Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus OS/390 release 6.3 be supported? 02/27/04
TEC312207 How to handle titles and headings in an AFTER-LINE PROC in Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus 01/09/04
TEC302541 Creating a New DBRMLIB for Pan/SQL 2.4C 10/29/03
FAQ298947 Why do I receive an S30E error executing a link edited Advantage CA-Easytrieve program with Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus 6.3? 09/30/03
FAQ291353 What's new for Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus? 08/26/03
FAQ286471 How can I determine if an Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus executable is above or below the 16 meg line? 07/29/03
TEC275990 Advantage CA-Easytrieve: Printing TALLY Field Variable Descriptions and Headings 05/12/03
TEC323366 Accessing DB2 with Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus Report Generator 04/02/03
FAQ258144 How do I know if Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus is being picked up in the CA Common Services CAIRIM 02/11/03
TEC265263 Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus Report Generator: Finding the value of AMODE/RMODE 01/22/03
TEC265264 Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Option to Suppress Leading Zero in SYSDATE 11/20/02
FAQ258145 I am a CA-Easytrieve Plus user and wonder how the options table ALL31 option will affect our current environment. 11/13/02
FAQ258146 What's new in Advantage CA-Easytrieve Plus Report Generator release 6.4 10/14/02
TEC265277 Accessing Oracle with CA-Easytrieve for UNIX 05/02/02
TEC265267 Sending tapes to CA-Easytrieve PLUS technical support 11/30/01
TEC265276 Using CA-Easytrieve Plus to achieve COBOL INSPECT REPLACE functionality 11/01/01
TEC265275 How to incorporate graphics and/or sound in a CA-Easytrieve generated HTML report 10/08/01
TEC265274 Should CA-Easytrieve Plus users consider adding CA-Easytrieve/Online or CA-Easytrieve for UNIX? 08/06/01
TEC265273 What to do when the EZTVFM file is full 07/10/01
TEC265271 Does CA-Easytrieve Plus provide any METADATA management functionality? 03/13/01
TEC265270 CA-Easytrieve Plus and EBCDIC data format files 02/12/01
TEC265269 Using CA-Endevor to Manage CA-Easytrieve Programs 01/12/01
TEC265266 How THRESHOLD affects output 11/08/00
TEC265265 Dynamically allocated sortwork datasets 10/23/00